Teddies / Friends for Adoption

Teddies / Friends for Adoption

Thursday, July 29, 2010

FREE Basic Teddy boot camp - Besplatno !


Basic Bear Boot Camp Next Class Begins August 1st, 2010A fun, month long series of adventures designed to hone your basic bear making skills. This class is suitable for both the novice bear maker and the more experienced bear-smith. A finely crafted basic bear is the best foundation for more advanced teddy bear art.

•12 Video Lessons with Sgt She-Bear

• Step by step Drills• Color Photos

• Agora Forum

• Full Size Pattern

• Teddy Parade

More than just a workshop ... you'll refer to these tips over and over again!

1.Pattern Prep

2.Nap, Fabric Choices & Cutting

3.Pinning & Sewing Techniques

4.Types of Joints and Techniques

5.Paws & Gussets that FIT!

6.The Art of Stuffing

7.Ears Made Easy

8.The Eyes Have It

9.Pick Your Nose!

10.Shades of Enhancement


12.Tying A Beautiful Bow

Supplies required: Please Note that this list is for a basic Beginner Bear. You may choose alternate supplies based on the information given in the Boot Camp. If you have supplies on hand...Great! If not, you may want to wait until the Camp begins to purchase them.

•1/4 yd mohair fabric in a color, density and pile-length of your choice. Mohair or a woven synthetic is preferable to a synthetic plush with a knit backing. Knit back synthetics will not produce as nice of a finished bear because the intended shape 'str-e-t-c-h-e-s during stuffing.

•1 pair 10 or 12 mm glass eyes in black or a color of your choice.

•An 8 inch square of felt or ultra-suede for your paw pads. Leather, suede or lined (interfacing) cloth is also acceptable.

•Pearl cotton for the nose. You'll only need about 48-60 inches.

•A 1 inch square section of black felt

•3 45 mm joints

•2 55 mm joints

I prefer to use fibre board joints with a lock nut and set screw arrangement for attaching the joint. You can use epoxy lock nut, lock nut or pop rivet joints if you like.

•A spool of polyester thread in a color to match your mohair. *

•A sheet of bristol or poster board for pattern template preparation and a glue stick. *

•Polyester fiber-fil stuffing. A bag can be purchased at your local craft store or Walmart.*

•Ribbon for a bow.*

Next Class Begins August 1st, 2010

Please check our featured supplier for our Basic Bear Boot Camp Supplies Teddy Bear Mohair. Check out their old, 'NEW' mohair. When it's gone ... It's gone!

Other suppliers can also be found on our Supplies Page in the left navigation.

Course Duration: 30 days.

Course Fee: FREE! Registration is Required.

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