Teddies / Friends for Adoption

Teddies / Friends for Adoption

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Had a nice holiday break this weekend

This weekend we went to Durban and Umhlanga, Kwa - Zulu Natal province,  around 670km to east coast, was sunny and rain, but humidity one thing you must be get used to.
Visiting Di at Teddy Tech shop, drink cuppa coffee, bought 3 nice pieces of Schulte mohair and some extras, few shows coming up, need more supplies.

Some of picture taken of our trip

Indian ocean
water temperature was same as outside, like fresh warm milk from a cow

a bit of me and my family,

Our family

somebody made this sand sculture but rain made some parts of it down, I like it anyway.

LightHouse in Umhlanga Rocks

                                                               bridge into Indian ocean

Thank you for looking.


Елена Захарова said...

Наташа,какая красота,как у вас там тепло!!!!
А у нас вчера метель мела,никак зима не уходит...)))

Mary said...

Наташ, очень красиво! Хорошие фото! И ты вся такая солнечная и счастливая!!!

Valentina said...

Красиво! Оставайтесь счастливыми.

Natalia said...

Lena, Masha, Valentina Spasibo vam, pust' kusochek tepla i solnca peredastsa i vashemu nastroeniyu.

Southern Bears said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I love Durban! Every childhood holiday was spent in Durban and I have wonderful memories. I can't wait to see the new mohair changing to lovely bears.

Pat xx

Natalia said...

Thank you Pat, It was real treat to get there.
All the best

Mila said...

Наташа!! какой красивый океан!!! фото чудесные!!
Счастья твоей семье!!

Natalia said...

Spasibo Mila,bol'shoe.I vam vsex blag!

Tatkis said...

Замечательный отпуск! Фотографии классные, океан, супер :)

Natalia said...

Spasibo Tat'yana, paru dnei na okeane delayut svoe delo, rabotau kak novii motor...
Udachnix vixodnix!

Leny said...

It looks beautiful there!!